vrijdag 8 maart 2013

workshop 11 by Donna Downey stencil art

"Paint like an artist"
Do you sometimes look at a blank canvas and think, “where do I start?” Have you ever wanted to know how
Artists get so many layers of color and texture to emerge through their work? Do you wish someone would
just walk you step-by-step through creating a finished piece start to finish?
Look no more, no painting or drawing skills needed for this workshop because we are going to use stencils
and LOTS OF THEM! Using your acrylic paints, I will show you how to create your own custom spray paints
and precision tip paint pens giving you a fun new repertoire of options for appling your color to your
canvas. I will also show you how to use color and texture to create visual depth as we build a background
for our art. Then, help you isolate pieces of your background designs to use as you build your design in the
You will be amazed what emerges from the chaos and shocked at just how fun and easy it is to “
Paint likean Artist”.

Saturday 26 october 2013
8h30-16h30 (lunch from 11h30-13h30)
Price: 110 euro
register here: scraptastic@hotmail.be
zaterdag 26 oktober 2013
8u30-16u30 (lunch van 11u30-13u30)
prijs: 110 euro
registreren: scraptastic@hotmail.be
Samedi 26 octobre 2013
8h30-16h30 (déjeuner de 11h30-13h30)
Prix : 110 euros
S'inscrire ici : scraptastic@hotmail.be

Students need to bring:
• fluid acrylic paint (GOLDEN brand recommended)
• the more colors you bring the more options you will have. (Be sure to include BLACK)
NOTE: students can bring inexpensive
heavy body acrylic paints if that is all they
have, but results may vary. The better the
quality of your paint the better the results)
• white gesso
• towel or rag to wipe hands & messes
• baby wipes
• small flat paintbrush sz 2 (if you do not have a flat brush ANY small brush will do)
• palette or palette pad
• 3-5 foam brushes
• heat gun & extension cord (just in case you are not seated directly next to the outlet)
• apron
• 2-3 toilet paper tubes
• stencils (I will have LOTS of them to share and use in class but if you would like to bring some of your own for more choices that great!)