dinsdag 7 mei 2013

workshop 13 by Anna Dabrowska Finnabair

Everyday Treasures
- Mixed-media shadowbox class with lots of techniques including gel mediums, inks, paint and more! Great fun with found objects and pure creativity.
We are surrounded by inspiring objects: at work or at home, in the city and in the countryside – there are things which are usually not visible for us…they are too common, too plain to be noticed. But try to look around, open your eyes wider – I’m sure you’ll find real treasures all around you, and all of them have their own stories which want to be told! Take a second look in the drawer, check your attic, search through the wardrobe…or visit the flea market – the possibilities are endless and your creativity will amaze you – just give the chance to yourself and the little everyday treasures from your neighborhood.
There are no boundaries in creating mixed media projects: you may give as much or as little elements as you want, you may use medias, paint and inks…and whatever comes to your mind too! Don’t be afraid to mix and blend and let your imagination free – it is pure fun!
During this workshop I’ll try to convince you that beauty can be found everywhere – and it is waiting to be discovered. I’ll guide you to create your own mixed-media shadowbox, based on my favorite layering techniques and choice of embellishments, colored with a wide range of color products. I’ll demonstrate possibilities of mixing different medias like gel mediums, paint, ink, scrapbooking supplies and found objects to get interesting layers and details on the unique grungy project.
This workshop is suitable both for beginners and advanced crafters.
Saturday 26 october 2013
Price: 70 euro
register here: scraptastic@hotmail.be
zaterdag 26 oktober 2013
prijs:70 euro
registreren: scraptastic@hotmail.be
Samedi 26 octobre 2013
Prix : 70 euros
S'inscrire ici : scraptastic@hotmail.be
Students need to bring
• foam or liquid scrap dots (helmar)
• scissors
• helmar 450 quickdry glue